Summertime, and in a small garden, preparations are underway for a Mexican themed birthday party. As the birthday girl unwraps another present, she is delighted to find a piñata doll (Señorita). Placing her with the other unwrapped presents, she catches the eye of another pinata doll (Señior). With the party is in full swing and unnoticed by the guests, the dolls begin to enjoy the food, the music, the dancing and the fun. In the afternoon sunshine, it begins to become clear that love is blossoming between them, but before they can kiss, Señorita disappears. Will Señoir find his new found love again? In his search to do so, Señior happens upon the tragic truth that awaits all piñatas. Can he save Señorita and eventually himself from a crushing fate? Will they ever dance together again? This is a tragic romantic short from writer and director Paul McGhie.
You can find the Virgin Media Shorts version at the link below.

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